What is VOX

The Voice-Activated (VOX) feature on a two-way radio is a functionality that enables hands-free communication.

This feature allows the user to transmit audio without having to press any buttons on the radio, which can be convenient and safe, especially when the user’s hands are occupied or if the user is in a hazardous environment where pressing buttons can be risky.

How Does it Work?

The VOX feature is activated when the user speaks into the radio’s microphone.

The radio’s microphone detects the user’s voice and activates the transmission mode, allowing the user’s audio to be transmitted over the radio’s frequency.

The VOX feature can be set to different sensitivity levels, depending on the environment’s noise level or the user’s preferences.

Benefits of the VOX Feature

The VOX feature offers several benefits, including:

  1. Hands-Free Communication: The feature enables hands-free communication, allowing the user to perform tasks or operate equipment without having to hold or press the radio’s buttons.
  2. Convenience and Efficiency: The VOX feature can save time and improve efficiency by eliminating the need to constantly press the push-to-talk button while communicating.
  3. Safety: In hazardous environments, where using hands to operate radios can be risky, the VOX feature can provide a safer communication option.
  4. Improved Clarity: The VOX feature can help improve communication clarity, especially when the user’s hands are occupied, and they are unable to hold the radio or microphone close to their mouth.


In conclusion, the VOX feature on a two-way radio provides hands-free and convenient communication, improving efficiency, and safety in hazardous environments. If you are considering purchasing two-way radios for your organisation, be sure to ask about the VOX feature and how it can benefit your operations. By implementing this feature, you can improve communication clarity and convenience, especially in situations where hands-free communication is necessary.