Case Study BBC Production Company

UHF Analogue handheld

We were contacted by a BBC production company based at the BBC building in Hull, Yorkshire, who were making a film out in the Yorkshire countryside for the BBC.

Unfortunately due to the tight timescales, a pre-event site range test survey was not possible.

After discussing the  Yorkshire filming location and geographical terrain, we confirmed this visually, using satellite terrain images, to ensure that the correct radio equipment was supplied.

Our recommendation was VHF frequencies, as this gives maximum coverage over open countryside.

We then arranged with the BBC production company, for the equipment to be delivered on time as agreed with the client, and collected at a time that suited them.

Their feedback was positive, and they were able to achieve their objectives of producing an outdoor location-based film for the BBC in Yorkshire.

If you run a production company and would like to ensure your film production runs smoothly, then get in touch.

We recommend that we come and carry out a site survey, prior to the commencement of filming.

This is because the material composition of buildings, and other man-made and natural obstacles, can reduce, or even prevent communications.

For example, buildings made predominantly from metal, can block radio signals from getting past.

I the production company mentioned in this blog post, was also filming inside such metal structures, then we would probably use UHF equipment instead.

Every client’s needs are different, and we have a number of technical solutions at our disposal, to solve all communications problems.

Organising an Event Using Radio Communications