Long Range Walkie Talkies

Long-range walkie talkies for hire have changed in recent years.

The traditional way was to use a repeater system.

A repeater system receives a weak signal and retransmits it.

This increases range.

Repeaters require an antenna system, located on a hill or high tower.

The reason that the antenna needs to be high, is to overcome obstacles and the curvature of the earth.

Obstacles such as hills and buildings, reduce or attenuate the radio signal. In the case of a hill, it will block a signal completely.

This is because radio signals used by walkie talkies, normally are at a frequency above 30 MegaHertz (Mhz).

Radio signals above 30 Mhz generally operate in a ‘line of sight’ manner.

Line of sight means that they go in straight lines, rather than bounce off the Ionosphere (for example), like frequencies below 30 Mhz.

The traditional way to cover a wide event coverage area was to use a repeater system.

The repeater system utilised a temporary antenna tower.

The tower would be located so that the antenna could ‘see’ over the object that was blocking the signal (such as a hill), thus extending the communications range.

Long-range walkie talkies are now available that do not need repeaters.

The new technology combines the instant communication of a two-way radio, with the coverage of a mobile phone.

By using the data capability of mobile phone networks, national or even worldwide coverage is possible.

Long range walkie talkies are available to buy and rent from Yesway.

By using this new technology, you do not require the expense of a repeater system and antenna.