PMR446 Licence Free Radios

Benefits of Licence Free Handheld Radios

  • No License Required: You’re ready to go without the hassle of licensing.
  • Eight Channel Options: Choose from eight channels for versatile communication.
  • Perfect for Short-Range Use: Ideal for quick and close business and private conversations.
  • Affordable Equipment: Cost-effective solutions for your communication needs.
  • Can be used in most European Countries Licence Free.

About PMR446 License-Free Handheld Radios

In many cases, radios demand licenses from OFCOM to operate due to their higher power usage. While we include this license in our hire prices for up to one year, there’s a license-free alternative known as PMR 446, suitable for small organizations like small schools.

PMR stands for Personal Mobile Radio, and 446 represents the frequency in Megahertz (MHz) that these radios operate on. One notable advantage of PMR446 equipment for organizations purchasing their own radios is the freedom from applying for a £75 OFCOM license.

However, there are some downsides. PMR446 licence free radios have significantly lower transmitter power outputs, typically 0.5 watts compared to the 5 watts of licensed equipment. Additionally, PMR446 shares a limited range of frequencies with everyone else, including your neighborhood kids.

While some privacy can be achieved using CTCSS tone signaling, which can be set to only allow calls from those with the same setting, these frequencies are more susceptible to eavesdropping by others.

The latest digital versions of PMR446 licence free radios address some of the original system’s weaknesses, and we’re always ready to offer advice on the most suitable system for your specific needs.