Ski Radios for Austria

Dreaming in white? Then you may be a Skier off to the Piste. Forget that expensive mobile phone for your on and off piste communications.

Why not buy one of our fabulous licence free PMR 446 handheld radios, and a matching headset so that you can be in contact with your friends free of charge.

PMR 446 radios are great for keeping in contact with your family and friends while Skiing and you don’t have to pay expensive phone charges, or wait to be connected.

Communication in an instant!

A durable radio, which conforms to Military standards is the Kenwood TK-3301T UHF PMR446 FM Transceiver, though we can supply similar equipment from most major manufacturers based on your needs (and not ours).

PMR 446 radios are legal in Austria, the uk & many other european countries, so you can use them at home too!