Understanding Satellite Communication Systems Course

Course Description: This unique and fast-track course is designed to provide individuals and organisations with a comprehensive understanding of satellite communication systems, focusing specifically on Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) technology.

Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to assess, evaluate, and deploy VSAT systems for wide-area network solutions.

The course covers the fundamental principles of satellite communications, link budgets, antenna design, modulation and coding, access techniques, system design considerations, and emerging technologies in the field.

Course Highlights:

  • In-depth coverage of contempory VSAT systems design and technology
  • Assessment and evaluation of VSAT systems for wide area network solutions
  • Practical understanding of satellite communication theory and principles
  • Exploration of satellite orbits, link budgets, and antenna parameters
  • Comparison of modulation and coding schemes in satellite communications
  • Detailed analysis of access techniques and network architectures
  • Examination of satellite engineering, terminal installation, and system design considerations
  • Discussion of market trends, future developments, and emerging technologies

Who should attend this VSAT course:

  • Technicians and Engineers seeking to enter the field of satellite communications or VSAT-based installations
  • IT and communications decision-makers interested in evaluating VSAT products and services
  • Engineers, Communications managers, IT managers, and Technicians currently working with satellite communications and VSAT equipment

Pre-requisites: Delegates should have some existing training or experience in telecommunications prior to attending the course.

Lifetime Post-Course Support: Upon completion of the understanding satellite communications systems course, participants will receive lifetime post-training support from our team, ensuring continued assistance and guidance in applying the learned technologies and skills throughout their careers in IT and networking.

Course Content:

  1. Overview of Legacy and Current Modern Satellite Systems and Services Developments
  2. Principles of Satellite Communications, a gentle introduction.
  3. Satellite Communications Wireless Link Fundamentals
  4. Optical Satellite Links
  5. Satcom Antenna types.
  6. Signal Propagation and attenuation
  7. Signal Modulation and Coding technologies
  8. Satellite Access Techniques
  9. Military VSAT Systems
  10. Introduction to Data Protocols over Satellite
  11. Satellite Engineering Reliability Design Issues, from an ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) perspective.
  12. Ground StationTerminal Installation Considerations
  13. Satellite RF Frequency Choice and Rationale.
  14. Link and Terminal Design
  15. Further System Design Issues
  16. Interference in VSAT Systems
  17. Propagation in VSAT Systems
  18. Markets and Evolution of Satcoms
  19. New Business opportunities in the satellite industry
  20. Digital Video Broadcast (DVB)
  21. Software Defined Radio – SDR Satellite Communications Technology.

By the end of the understanding satellite communications course, participants will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and effectively utilise VSAT systems, enabling them to make informed decisions in the deployment and management of satellite communication solutions.

Next course date: January 15th 2024

Price: £2250 + VAT