Lincoln Radio Repeaters

Published by craig miles on

All users of two way Land Mobile Radio Communications in Lincoln can benefit from the local Trunked Radio Repeater available through Yesway.

The radio repeater allows two way radio messages to be broadcast and received over a wider area than would be possible with ordinary radio to radio communications.

The repeater can link mobile to mobile, mobile to base station & even link handheld walkie talkie style radios.

This system often only needs a small base station aerial to access the repeater, which can often be mounted discretely in a loft for example.

At yesway we are confident that the  trunked repeater system that we offer is superior to rivals conventional CBS radio repeaters in terms of coverage, and cost.

If you have been quoted to have a system based on anyone else’s repeater system in the Lincoln area then contact us, and we are confident we will beat any genuine written quote.


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